Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm finally a bionic woman...kind of...

Surgery was Thursday, April 26th. Whew, what a day! We had to be there at 8:15am, but becasue of traffic and construction, we were a few minutes late. No big deal. I got to the registration desk to check in, the nurse was already calling to see if I had checked in yet.I was taken back to be prepared for surgery. Scheduled for surgery at 10:15am, but that didnt happen. Doctor was running a little behind. It was noon before I was taken back and in the OR.  I remember getting into the OR and moving over to the table for them. Then came the gas mask and them telling me to breath in deep breaths and it wasn't long I was gone. I was in recovery about 3pm. Woke up small peeks in the recovery room, everytime I tried to wake up more, I got sick to my stomach. So they had to get me medicine for that. My throat had hurt like crazy since they put a tube down my throat. Talking was a challenge because of the tube they put down my throat. I had asked for something for my throat, was told until my nausea was under control they didnt want to give me anything. They did let me have some ice chips to see how I could handle that. That felt sooooo good! I couldn't have the ice chips too soon after each other, but believe me, I was so wanting them sooner than I could get them!

I also had a massive migraine while in the recovery room! They said well do you suffer from those? I said yep. So the nurse had to go get something for that. I think they gave me what I normally would get if going into ER because it almost instantly took it away. I couldn't talk real well so I didn't bother asking too much, plus I had a hard time comprehending anything as it was being so groggy.

I finally was taken to a private recovery room where I could be with my family. They were all trying to wake me up, mom, husband, sister and her husband. Honestly, I just wanted to sleep... leave me alone is all I kept thinking. But I also did NOT want to stay overnight there either. No matter what, I did, I just simply was having a hard time waking up long enough to get some food and drink. I managed to force myself awake long enough to try. I ate some saltines, and I've never disliked saltines so much in my life! I might as well have been eating cardboard! Yuck! But in order for me to get the vicodin I wanted, I had to have something in my stomach, so I got some water and got through it and finally got the pain meds I wanted about 7pm.

I was given my discharge instructions and took it easy getting ready to go home since I was so groggy still and didn't want to get up. It was 8pm before I left the hospital. The car ride wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The bumps sucked, yes! But as long as I kept my eyes closed, I didn't feel sick to my stomach for the car ride. If I just peeked even a lil bit, I felt instantly nauseaous! Finally got home about 9pm.

Mom ran and bought me some chicken noodle soup, jello and Sprite so I could have something to eat. I was hungry, but didnt trust the nauseaous feelings.

My head bandaging is crazy! It's a foam/rubber type material, coflex perhaps? Kerflex? I don't know. I had a strap that ran under my neck/chin area. Let me tell ya, it was hurting me so bad, interferring with locking up my jaw, disallowing me to eat or talk well... I cut the strap. The rest of the bandage is just fine as far as still being tight. But I can at least talk and eat now without constant pain!

So I'm on my way to better hearing... a few weeks before I get activated with the processor and find out what I do hear at the start. This will be interesting. This will officially mark me as a full CI borg, bionic woman... LOL :)

Since I'm updating this blog the day after my surgery and its taking a lot for me to do so, I'm going to stop for now and I'll update some more later on. I just wanted to get something on here. It's that time of night for me to try and get some good sleep. Time for pain meds and antibiotic and off to sleepy land I go as a new bionic woman!

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