Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Steps Towards Hearing

I haven't posted in a while and thought I'm long overdue for an update.

I just over 2 months post activation. I am still struggling, that's not to say there has not been any improvement, I'm just not where I had hoped to be. I'm also not saying all this to discourage those considering getting a cochlear implant. The implant *IS* working, just to get to the point that I understand speech with it, is going to take time.

My nerves are still in a haywire mode, that when I put my processor on in the morning, I'm hearing all kinds of annoying noise from a constant 'eeeeeee' to twittering birds or ringing. Sometimes the 'loud' and annoying noise actually gets to me that I so just want to throw the processor off! I've resorted to turning the volume down and increase it over a period of time throughout the day. After about an hour or so of putting the processor on, that noise calms down and I can hear enviromental types of noises. Some of the noises make sense from what I remember, others are 'what was that?'. I have two young kids both aged 5 and under, that I cannot really rely on asking someone 'what was that noise?' successfully. My 5 year old can *maybe* tell me but I'm always second guessing him. I do try to ask my husband about certain sounds I hear from time to time as well. Its really funny because sometimes noises I'm hearing are clearly not evident to him.

I know when someone is talking, but there is NO comprehension of what is being said unless I have my hearing aid on in the other ear or I'm lip reading. I have better luck in some speech comprehension when I direct connect myself to my laptop and play videos/music, etc. It is still not clear enough, but I do occassionally pick up a word or two.

I'm still new to this and still working at it. They were not kidding, it takes time. I know 2 months is not a long time, but it has felt like an eternity to me. Everyday I strive to hear something new to put into my memory. Baby steps towards hearing, theres nothing wrong with that, especially if you're a patient person. Patience is NOT a strong virtue of mine. And this is definitely something that is testing me!