Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eek! 29 days til surgery...

I had my pre-op clearance with my primary care physician today. Everything is looking good and I'm on my way....... Other than some allergy issues I'm currently having which is causing some massive drainage into my throat and coughing so much, doctor feels this needs to clear up before surgery that is scheduled in 29 days. That should be plenty of time get this all cleared, then I need to stay healthy and see the surgeon's nurse a week prior to surgery.

On my drive home, I'm thinking about all this and it hits me... "Holy crap, this is really happening and coming so fast". Let's just say my stomach kind of dropped and everything hit me like a ton of bricks with the realization. I've been pretty calm thus far, but why am I all of a sudden feeling so blue?! I'm excited that I may have the chance to finally hear better than I do now, but all that uncertainty is really creeping me out. I'm sure this is normal and as the days come closer, I will probably start to feel even more 'scared'. This is a major surgery!!!

I've had my wisdom teeth removed, all 4 at one time, I was put out for that. I had surgery on my armpit to remove sweat glands that would swell so bad and cause me so much pain, though I was awake through this surgery. And I've had 2 C-Sections, awake through that as well. I've also had a cardiac ablation done, which I was awake through too. So I'm not a virgin to surgery by any means. So I'm not sure WHY I'm having such a hard time with this one. I don't think its the procedure itself, I think its just some overwhelming fear of what will happen afterwards.

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